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Lumbini Engineering College (LEC) was established in 2000 A.D. with a motto of imparting technical knowledge skill and scientific attitude  among the young talent and creating consciousness among the common people towards practical aspects of science and technology. 

LEC is the only engineering college in Rupandehi district in Lumbini Zone. A group of academicians, engineers and social workers of the region with their creative minds and many years of professional experience guided by a sense of social as well as academic responsibility has promoted it to fulfill the long outstanding demand of an engineering college of lumbini zone.

Er. Raj Kapur Shah

ACT. Principal



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Lumbini Engineering College (Lumbini Engineering Management and Science College) is one of Nepal's best colleges because The Pokhara University awarded  appreciation  for its contribution in the engineering education following university's rules and regulation in 2073 and  Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal also honored it for imparting best engineering education under CTEVT. It is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified college. Nepal Engineering Council has ranked this college highly in its evaluation every year. There are well-equipped laboratory facilities. There are various types wings Such Research Cell,  Robotics and CERS (Civil Engineering Research Society) etc for carrying on latest innovation in the engineering fields.

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Dinesh Pokhrel

University Topper

Master Level Program (MSC(CM)) 3rd Sem Topper of Pokhara University 2080. (4.0 SGPA)