Robotic Club in LEC

To make robot of different capacities in different field has become part of academic activities these days. LEC has setup a Robotic club in order to facilitate making of various types of robots. Our students have made the following Robots till now as the part of their final year project.

The Robotic Club executes its function under the supervision of Project Coordinator of R & D Dept., faculty members of Electronics & Communication, and Computer Dept. and the members are the final year students of Electronics& communication and Computer Engineering.


Wirelessly Tracked Anti-Minig              Mobile Clinical Assistant Robot
Robot with Voice Control            


1)  Ramesh Dhakal                                   President
2)  Manish Bhandari                                 Vice- President 
3)  Anu Giri                                                 Secretary 
4)  Prabhash Gyawali                              Vice Secretary 
5)  Padam Rajali                                      Treasurer 
6)  Chandrika Tha[a                                Vice Treasurer
7)  Nabin Bhattarai                                  Member
8)  Santosh Sresth                                   Member
9) Pranav Bhattarai                                 Member
10) Akash GC                                           Member 
11) Shiwani Ghimire                                Member
12) Rohit Sharma                                     Member
13) Laxman Dhakal                                 Member

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